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DiamondScan is a technologically innovative point of sale solution serving the retail and petroleum industries. DiamondScan provides innovative software packages to the convenience, fuel, grocery, deli, and liquor industries. DiamondScan POS works in a very simple way: you scan, you tender and you send them on their way. We use a Touch Screen computer system: simple to use and set up button keys; precision scanning; clear, concise pricing; and reports you can depend on. DiamondScan POS is easy for your employees to use and easy for new employees to learn.

POINT OF SALE SOFTWARE - Powerful. Reliable. Easy to Use. Everything you need to get you started scanning and tendering sales at the register.

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  • Touch Optimized - Minimal touches necessary to sell an item makes tending to customers quick and easy and training for cashiers minimal.

  • Smart / Speed Tender Keys - The DiamondScan POS software has 35 one-touch button keys per screen. Tender a sale in 2 touches.

  • Instant Access to Reports - Access real-time data. DiamondScan generates over 80 reports about payroll, voids, daily sales and more. Export data to applications such as Excel and Quickbooks™.

  • Suspend & Recall - Suspend an order and be able to recall that order at any time. No need to re-enter all the items if the customer has to run to the car.

  • Vendor Paid Outs - Track cash paid to vendors through your end of day cashups and vendor reports.

  • Item Discount Keys - Quickly and Easily apply discounts such as employee or owner discounts to any sale.

  • Bottle Returns - Accept bottles and pay customers right out of the drawer and account for the cash in the reporting.

  • Safe Drops - Set safe drops amounts at two different levels ensuring you don't keep too much cash in the drawer.

  • Unparalleled Security - Manage your employee's permissions, track your employees through time keeping, and manage theft and waste by keeping an eye on sales and voids.

  • Item Preset Keys - Program any button to a specific UPC or PLU for a quick and easy sale.

  • Coupons - Easily accept both store issued as well as vendor issued coupons.

  • Currency Conversion - Accurate cash totals are calculated right at the register for two different currencies.