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Introducing Juke Slot, the Company that Revolutionize the POS. Juke Slot was founded in 2012 to create an automated kiosk system to help service industry businesses serve their customers faster, and to add entertainment to the guest experience. Today, Juke Slot offers customized application capabilities in a variety of hardware formats, each bespoke to meet our individual customers’ needs.

Juke Slot’s POS solutions can help your restaurant increase business by creating more satisfied, more empowered customers.

QSR Kiosks - Serving Up Versatility

Perhaps the main course of Juke’s technology lineup, the Entrée kiosk is noted for its ease of use and simplicity in a compact freestanding design. With an appearance similar to that of an open flip phone, the powder-coated, steel-encased unit features a vertical 27-inch infrared touchscreen. The versatile design enables the unit to operate in a standalone position or embedded into a wall space. The Entrée is constructed with durability and high usage in mind; it’s protected against moisture, rust, acid, dust and static.

Mobil Server - Versatility At Its Core

The Mobile Server epitomizes versatility, serving as either a handheld device to be carried by wait staff or as a tabletop unit to prevent disruptions in the ordering process when servers are tending to other duties. Powered by the Android operating system, the software package promotes customization for owners and incorporates entertainment options with gaming apps and news reports for potential additional revenue streams.

The lightweight unit, with a 7-inch high-definition touchscreen face, contains a built-in MSR and EMV credit card reader and camera. Able to connect to restaurant networks via Wi-Fi or 4G cellular connections, the Mobile Server can function independently through a full day of operation with batteries that last 15 hours. Because of its size and mobility, the Mobile Waiter includes a GPS security tracker to deter theft.